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    What’s in a Name? (Inside Higher Ed)

    Since the election, leaders of dozens of colleges and universities across the country have faced protests and petition drives calling on them to declare their institutions "sanctuary campuses" for undocumented immigrant students. As formal responses to the various sanctuary campus petitions from college leaders have begun to roll in, some presidents have walked a fine line, outlining specific ways in which their institutions will not as a matter of policy voluntarily cooperate with federal officials in immigration law enforcement while avoiding adoption of the politically charged -- from some perspectives toxic -- term "sanctuary."

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    Iowa Tuition Grant Raised to $5,650 for Upcoming School Year

    Iowa families looking for ways to help pay for their students’ college costs will get a significant boost this upcoming academic year in a key financial aid program, the Iowa Tuition Grant (ITG). The ITG maximum grant has been increased to $5,6...